Helpful Apps that Can Help you Deal With Stress

There are helpful apps that can help you deal with stress in these times of lock downs around the world. You may find yourself experiencing stress and Anxiety . There is  need for measures to reduce these health issues.

Social distancing has also contributed to some people feeling isolated.

This is due to the fact that they  are not able to visit their loved ones.

Helpful Apps

Helpful Apps

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The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solution is a free app that mixes the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Technique.

The Tapping Solution  is an alternative treatment used for emotional distress.

Also, The self-soothing method grounds its principles on Chinese acupuncture along with modern psychology.

The Tapping solution tries to help people lower stress levels.

Also, it helps  reduce t anxiety and it helps you by  motivating you.

It can help you get better sleep and reducing negative emotions.

The app has a wide range of topics that include stress relief, releasing fears.

Other topics include emotional freedom, sleep support, healing your body and so on.

The app will measure your anxiety before and after the EFT tapping technique.


The app is one of the most famous meditation apps at the moment.

The app costs $12.99 per month.

It is being offered for free for healthcare workers in the United States.

It features tips on managing stress, better sleep among other tips.

The app also has coronavirus related information that you can use.

“weathering the storm”, is the name of the coronavirus content that is free to everyone at the moment.


Breethe offers more than just meditation.

It offers a number of features that includes music and nature sounds.

Also, it offers bedtime stories, guided ‘meditations, master classes as well.

There are also hypnotherapy sessions that can help you return to your happy state.

The app also has breathing classes as well as inspirational talks that can be used while relaxing.

The app is free during the coronavirus period. It normally costs $89.99 per year.

One Of The Helpful Apps is Talk Space

Unlike meditation apps, Talk Space allows users to connect virtually with a professional therapist.

You can talk you a  therapist near you via a text, audio or video chat.

This can be done multiple times a week.

The app is free but the therapy sessions are not.

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