Can Land Based Casinos Ever Accept Bitcoin?

While online casinos have been accepting Bitcoin for a long time, the land-based casinos has not. Online casinos have seen cryptocurrency as a way to let their customers bet freely while land-based casinos have not really accepted the idea.

Land-based casinos only accept national payment methods such as credit card or cash.

Will brick and motor casinos ever accept Bitcoin? Well, we shall discuss it below.

land-based casinos 2020

will land-based casinos ever accept Bitcoin

Land-Based Casinos May Accept Bitcoin in the Future

People are starting to use bitcoin because it is convenient. Land-based casinos may start to accept Bitcoin as more and more people start transacting with it.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched a decade ago.  Bitcoin allows users to make transitions without third parties.

Transactions are verified by network nodes or computers that power the Bitcoin network.  A public ledger then records all transactions made online. The ledger cannot be altered which is very secure.

Why online Casinos Like Bitcoin

Online casinos have been accepting Bitcoin since the early 2010s. some online casinos have centred the entire payment system on Bitcoin.  Here are the reasons why casinos like Bitcoin.

Decentralization of Payment Methods

No one has control over Bitcoin, not even banks.

In the past, online casinos had a lot of trouble accepting other forms of payment. This is because some countries had restrictive laws.

Casinos do not have to worry about rejected ‘payments anymore all thanks to the decentralized Bitcoin.

Gamblers from All Countries Can Now Gamble

In other countries, it is illegal to gamble online while others do not allow gambling on unregulated gaming sites. Beirut, Myanmar and North Korea are examples of countries that have banned gambling altogether. Gamblers from these countries can gamble using Bitcoin.

An online casino in Australia can be accessed by people around the world due to this payment method. Banks used to block all payments coming from countries that do not allow gambling.

Easy for Gamblers to Use

The Bitcoin currency is easy to use. It is very easy to use because you do not have to learn a lot of things. It is just like using a credit card.

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