Trump The Bookmakers Dream Come True

There has been a lot of action in political betting ever since President Trump declared that he wanted to run for president on the Republican ticket. Business has been brisk at most betting sites that offer bets on political events. The action did not end with the election results. Trump’s Presidency has generated so much interest that people are now wagering on everything to do with it. Top betting sites are offering odds of 1:1 on him getting impeached. This means if you bet a dollar and he gets impeached you get two. Trump bookmakers DreamThe only people that may be disappointed are the ones that want to reverse the years of advances in policy. These are the old guard that have been funding the campaign trail of many republican candidates including the president himself. But Trump’s wealth makes him difficult to muscle into a decision that he himself is against.

Those at the American capitol who are pushing for a federal ban may have an ally in Trump’s pick for Attorney general. Jeff Sessions promised to revisit the DOJ opinion on the Wire Act which opened the way for legal online casino gaming in several states. Also the Vice President, Mike Pence was very against online gambling when he was governor of Indiana.

There are a lot of people that lost a lot of real money betting against Trump. Like many other pollsters in other industries bettors also picked the wrong horse. Most odds were pegging an outcome in the American Election with Trump winning as 1,000 less likely to happen than Brexit. Another time when the experts got it wrong. Although a trend seems to be forming which we are sure that gamblers have already noticed.

It is too bad that Americans themselves cannot participate in the action. Betting on political events is sort of illegal in the States. Trumps presidency is going to make some people very rich. But the odds have greatly reduced for most bets involving him, ever since he did the impossible and won the American presidency.

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