Baccarat Variations That You Can Play

There are Baccarat  variations that you can try. Most people are used to the mini Baccarat version.

You can play these Baccarat versions on real money online casinos in Australia.

Baccarat variations 2020

Baccarat variations that you can play online

Rules of a standard Baccarat Game

All Baccarat games have staple bets, these include the banker hand, player hand and tie.

When you are placing a banker or player bet, you will be gambling on one of these hands beating the other. Here is n example.

  • You bet on the banker’s hand
  • The banker then gets a score of 8
  • The player will then get a score of 7
  • In this case, the banker’s hand wins the bet, this means you win.

A tie wager is when the banker and the player get the same score. If a tie goes on to win, you win a huge payout, that is if you have wagered on a tie.

The house edge of a banker is 1.06% and the house edge of a player is 1.24% while the tie bet has a 14.36 house edge. The house edge, however, varies depending on the payouts.

The banker bet is the best bet that you can make because it has the lowest house edge, avoid a tie bet because it has the highest house edge.  The player bet is not far behind the banker bet in terms of the house edge.

There are no important decisions that you should make in this game.  All you have to do is remember these bets and the bets are not hard to remember.

Baccarat scoring

  • Ace is equal to 1
  • 2-9 is equal to face value
  • King, queen, jack are equal to zero

Baccarat Variations

The versions are not that different from mini Baccarat.

No Commission Baccarat

In no commission Baccarat, the casino does not offer any commission. The rules in this game are however modified so that the house maintains its advantage.

If the banker bet on six points, you will only win 50% instead of 100%.

EZ Baccarat

It is similar to no commission in the sense that 5% commission is not taken from the banker if the hand wins.

6- Deck Baccarat

Unlike other Baccarat games which uses eight decks, there are other casinos that feature tables with 6 decks. The banker hose edge is a bit lower in this game, from 1.06% to 1.056 house edge.

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