The Most Common Gambling and Casino Myths

Like many other games, casino games are not exempted from many myths on how the games are played. These myths are usually spread around by players and non-players. Most of the time these myths are nothing but misconceptions and rumours that carry no evidence at all. Be that as it may, these myths still get to other players both new and professionals. This article is going to shed some light on players by listing down some of the most common gambling and casino myths.

Casinos Are Rigged and Do Have an Immediate Impact on Any Game

This is one of the most talked-about myths. The common gambling and casino myths have existed since the gambling industry started even though it’s not true. There is a misconception on how the house edge rule works. People might feel like the rule only favours the casino but rather there are fair chances of winning. The trick lies behind knowing which game to go for and considering the house edge offered for different games.

Casinos Pump in Oxygen to Keep You Awake

Another myth that requires clarification to people is that casinos pump oxygen to keep players energetic. This is not true at all. Too much oxygen is known to accelerate fires and to afford to blow out some oxygen in casinos is a very expensive procedure, it would require a casino to have a small oxygen factory.  On top of it all, there are delegates from the Gaming Commission that go around casinos making sure the oxygen levels are not beyond limits and check if the rumours could ever come to existence.

(Online) Casinos Will Not Pay Out if You Win

First and foremost if ever a casino refused to give a player their wins it faces some legal punishment including losing their operating license and bad publicity.  There are many illegal casinos whose main objective is to scam people.  So if you come across myth number 3 you have played with illegal scammers as registered legal casinos would never take such a risk.


Players need to have the knowledge and understand casino rules to avoid being clouded by rumours and misconceptions.

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