How to Play Video Poker

Video Poker requires skill. In video Poker, the player has the option of drawing up to five cards. This happens after the machine deals cards on the screen.

If you do not want to draw any new cards, keep the cards that you want to keep.  Push the hold button that matches the card that you want to keep on the screen.

After you make your choice place the deal button and unwanted cards will be replaced by the cards that you have chosen.

The outcome will be determined after your final hand and after you hit the draw button. Moreover, this is when you will find out whether you win or lose.

The play table displays how much a player will win on the front of the machine.


Video Poker Screen

The return video Poker Strategy

In video poker, a player can decide the return of the game.  Some video poker games use a combination of hands that can be made from a deck of 52 cards. Variations like Deuces Wild use a 52 card deck.

Video Poker uses Random number Generators (RGN) to determine the outcome of the game.  The RGN generates probabilities of drawing combinations of the hands that are available in the game.

In Addition, There are so many articles and sites that can help you learn more about the payout for different pay tables.

Know how to read the paytable, this will ensure that you know the machine with the best return.


Use a set of a mathematical strategy to play the game, that way you are sure to have a chance of winning the game. However, If you do not use proper strategy will increase the house edge of the game.

Most real online games have strategies, you should try and learn them if you want to have a better chance of winning not only video Poker but other real money games like Blackjack.


If you learn the skills needed to play this game, you can definitely win yourself real money while having a good time. You do not need to be a mathematics genius to learn the game.

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