Interesting Origins of the Current Punting World.

Punting is a game that has been played by many generations. The way it has been played, the names and equipment used to play have evolved amidst time.

Trente-un and Vingt-un

This is now known as blackjack. This is a French game where 31 players assemble their hands together. The number has been reduced to what is known as 21. It was first played in France in 1464. The name blackjack came from the early gambling houses in the U.S.It was originally played with a French playing card.


This is now known as Keno. Its origin is traced back to China. It originated in a lottery that was held by the Han Dynasty in the 2nd Century B.C for military funds. It originally used 80 characters. The games was brought to America by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century.

Aleatory Contracts

This is a term that is used to determine an obligation. The payout is the obligation. Formerly this was grouped with laws relating to insurance. One party pays and the other receives. It’s now called punting on the stock market.


This game originated in Persia and is now known as Poker. It consists of 20 cards depending on the deck used. It’s similar to Modern poker in its gameplay. It gained popularity in America in early 1800.

Pai Gow

It is an ancient Chinese game which originated in the Song dynasty (960-1279).It was formerly played with tiles made of bone and ivory. It is now known as dominoes. Chinese dominoes have different names depending on the province they were found in.

II Ridotto

This was the first mercantile Western Casino. It originated from Venetia in order to remove illegal gambling clubs. II Ridotto means the private room. Two most popular games played in II Ridotto include Biribi and Basetta. Biribi is like a modern lottery and Basetta is known as the game of faro.


Dice have been used in punting throughout history. Dice is believed to have originated from divination called astragyromancy. Various bones especially knuckle and animal bones were used. Dices were also made from seashells and pebbles.

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