Popular Diets to Help In Your 2020 Weight Loss Journey

We all know how hard it can get to reach that weight loss goal. Hence, the creation of a lot of diet variations to help out.

After gaining the weight from just sitting on your couch and playing online casino games. We have your back as always

Weight loss guide

Weight Loss

Here are some tried and tested diets that you can try out while you still win that real money gambling online.

The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

According to the paleo diet, you have to switch to a hunter-gatherer diet. Meaning you have to eat whole foods, lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

Several research studies shown agree that it is an effective way of weight loss. The bonus for women is that it can reduce the waist size.

Also, diet curbs cardiovascular diseases. Like, diabetes, high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels.

Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets are quite popular when it comes to the weight loss bible. The good thing is there is no limit when it comes to protein intake. But, remember everything should always be done in moderation.

Studies show that low carb diets are especially useful when it comes to that dangerous belly fat. Therefore keeping your organs safe and healthy.

Also, low carb diets often lead to ketosis. In turn, this can actually help you lose even more weight than most diets you know.

The Dukan Diet

Basically, this is a low carb diet. However, it comes in four phases of weight loss. Two for weight loss and two maintenance.

Studies show that women on the Dukan diet who eat 1000 calories and 100 grams of protein lose up to 15 kilogrammes in 8 weeks.

Mainly, this is because they tend to increase your metabolic rates. Also, they get rid of the hunger hormones and increases the fullness hormones.


You cannot play that online casino slot game six feet under. Therefore make sure you increase your fitness and well- being. Even if you fail a million times, what is important is that you are winning.


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