Causes of Dehydration in Senior Citizens

Dehydration in senior citizens can have serious consequences hence there is need to avoid dehydration at all costs. When you grow older your body’s ability to retain water becomes low. The body needs fluids to keep all the cells hydrated.

dehydration in senior citizens Australia

Dehydration in senior citizens

Older people who take medication such as diuretics and laxatives lose a lot of water. Seniors who have conditions such as reduced kidney function also lose water faster than others. This means there will need to monitor how much water they take per day.

We shall discuss the dangers of dehydration in seniors.

Dangers of Dehydration in Senior Citizens

Dehydration can lower motility in seniors which is a very serious issue. They can also risk having a serious impairment after stroke.

Dehydrated people will feel tired, weak and dizzy. Seniors who are not so strong like the others will have more risks of falling if they are dehydrated.

Dehydration also affects your attention, memory and ability to concentrate meaning they will be at risk of these things.

Make sure you monitor their intake of fluids to also avoid low blood pressure, decreased kidney health and constipation.

What Seniors Can do to Avoid Dehydration

Know how much you drink in order to avoid being dehydrated. Medical experts recommend taking eight to ten glasses of water per day.

Other liquids and food also mater, they may be a source of hydration if you take them. If you do not like the water you may substitute it with other fluids such a fruit juices, milk, yoghurts, tea and coffee. This is because these fluids also contain some water.

There are some fruits that will provide a source of water, fruits such as watermelons and cucumbers are good sources of water.

Consult your doctor if you have a condition that requires you to restrict your levels of water intake.

Avoid drinking water when you are active or when feel thirsty only. Also, avoid drinking water on an empty stomach as your body absorbs water with nutrients that pure water does not have.


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