New Inventions and Scientific Breakthroughs

New Inventions and Scientific Breakthroughs

So many inventions have been made to date. Here we look at the latest inventions that have hit the world recently. Every industry has seen growth that is technologically related, the real money casino industry has also not been spared.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Scientific Breakthroughs: Male Contraceptives


Scientific Breakthroughs which saw Stem Cell Transplants Cure Sickle Cell Anaemia

Over four million people around the world are affected by this disease. This disease affects the blood, scientists from the National Human Genome Research Institute cured a 26-year-old man of the disease. They inserted healthy stem cells in his body.

Scientists Discover Reverse Process Ageing Remedy

Although science has been able to stop ageing in mice, they hope to stop it in humans also. Scientists discovered that increasing a molecule called NAD, old mice returned to their youths.

Also, the mice had age-related diseases when the NAD increased, their health improved.

hence, they increased NAD by giving the mice dietary supplements. If this can work on humans, a huge breakthrough will have happened.

Scientist Discover New Organ in Human Bodies

The organ was once considered as a layer of tissue but recently scientists discovered that it is a narrow passage that transports lymphatic fluids. Also,  it is called the interstitium.

Macular Degeneration Cure Discovered

Macular degeneration is a condition which develops over years and results in blindness. It is the number cause of blindness. Scientists managed to restore the eyesight of two people who had the disease by planting stem cells over the damaged parts of the eyes.

The Invention of a Tiny Robot that Can detect and Kill Cancer Cells

Scientists invented a tiny robot and infected mice with cancerous cells. The robot managed to find cancerous cells, it cut the blood flow to the cancerous cells killing them. Also, the process did not harm healthy cells. Additionally, t

his brought a lot of hope of curing the deadly disease.

Contraceptive Pill for Men

Most contraceptives in the pharmaceutical and medical world were made for women. The pill prevents men from producing futile sperm. But, the pill has not yet been released to the market but it has proven to be effective.

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