The Strangest Lakes in the world

There are a number of strangest lakes that are found in the world. This may be because lakes are contained in water bodies. There are so many creatures that live in these lakes that are unusual too. Here are some of the lakes that you will find in the world that are unusual.

strangest lakes

the strangest lakes on earth

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Jelly Fish Lake is one of the Strangest Lakes

This lake is located in Palau. The lake is part of the Rock Islands and it contains quite a number of golden jellyfish. This is because the lake is isolated and there are no predators that will come to hunt the fish.

People are not able to scuba dive in this lake because the numbers of the jellyfish are many and this can disturb at the ecosystem of the lake.

Resia Lake

Resia Lake is in Italy, the amazing thing that can be found in the lake is a bell tower. The bell tower is part of an old church and it is the only thing that survived after a power company decided to join two natural lakes. Surrounding towns were not as lucky as the tower which is still standing to date.

Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake is in Dominica and it has boiling water, this is because of a volcano which is nearby. The temperature of the water ranges from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit.

La Brea Pitch Lake

The lake is found in Trinidad, it has ten million tons of pitch. You can actually walk in this lake because it is in solid-state.  The lake measures 100 Acers.

Laguna Colorada

The lake, also known as Red Lagoon is famous for its red coloured waters. The lake is in Bolivia and it is a shallow lake.

Lake Hillier

This lake is very unique because of its pink colour that does not change throughout the year.  You can see the lake while you are in a helicopter but you cannot swim in it because the Ireland in which the lake is located is used for research.

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