Check-out the advantages of comp points

Comp Points is a program offered by some airlines where passengers earn rewards for flying with them. These points can then be redeemed for travel-related purchases or cashback. For instance, United Airlines offers travellers 2% back on each purchase they make through the Citi® Card account. Let’s see in the article below the advantages of comp points.

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Travellers receive generous bonus cash back from 1%-5%

It depends on the airline and card type. Some offer this cashback on every transaction – others only when travellers book flights, hotels etc. The bonus also varies from 0 to 100 points (according to the card provider).

If you spend money on non-travel related products you get rewarded too

5%, 10% up to 20% depending on the partner. This means that if you shop online, buy groceries, pay utilities etc. you’ll reap the benefits. Note that many companies and retailers offer various discounts – the more spending you do the bigger your reward will be! That’s why it’s important not to overspend by doing one big shopping trip per month instead of several small ones.

Travellers use their points to redeem tickets at discounted prices

You need to accumulate enough points for a fare to be worthwhile (i.e., $500 worth). A few cards even let you redeem points for flight upgrades. For instance, American Express lets you earn 50,000 miles for each ticket purchased. With elite status, you can apply for a free upgrade which translates into an extra legroom seat.

More than 20 airlines now participate in Gp

Comp Points include Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue Airways. As a result, travellers have access to over 4,000 airports worldwide.

In conclusion, these are just a few ways where travellers can benefit from comp points. There are tons of other travel partners out there offering similar perks. Therefore, find the best card for your needs and signup today!



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