Donald Trump And His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Trump earned his Star of fame on the famous Hollywood sidewalk in 2007. Ana Martine, a Walk of Fame guru reported that Trump has the star because of the Miss Universe shows he produced.

Trump’s Star “Felled”

The Hollywood walk of fame sidewalk which is usually a hive of activity is once again pulling crowds after Donald Trump’s star on the walk of fame was axed. The sidewalk dedicated to honouring Stars and Leaders was turned into a pile of rambles by a 24-year-old man. The alleged culprit, Austin Clay is said to have surrendered himself to the police after the incidence.

Trumps hollywood star being vandalisedClay who fled the scene after destroying Trumps’s Star later handed himself to the (LAPD) Los Angeles Police Department. The star needd repairs after the culprit pulled a pickaxe which was in a guitar case and ruined the Star.

The Star of Fame on the famous sidewalk has become a place where anti-Trump’s supporters show off their dislike.  On the other hand, loyal Trump supporters clean after the acts against their President’s Star. American patriots and loyal Trump supporters wipe of urine, spit, clean up dirt and unpleasant writings on Trump’s Star.

Is Donald Trump a Peacemaker? Have Australian’s  Lost Faith?

Stats from surveys show that many Aussies are not in favour of the American President. Australia has had good political and economic relations with the US for more than 75 years.

It seems the public believe that the US President will not act responsibly in world affairs. But what do we know about that? What we do know is that you need to gamble responsibly for you to enjoy casino games for longer.



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