Things That Can Make Your Pupils Larger

There are a lot of things that may cause pupils to be larger. Also, there are people who think the enlargement of pupils is because of recreational drugs which is not true. There are serious as well as not so serious reasons that may be behind the enlargement of eye pupils. We are going to look at these reasons in this article.

pupils that are large

Things That Make Your Pupils Larger

Dilated Pupils are Normal in Some Cases

There are small muscles that are found in the colored part of the eye called the iris. Naturally, when a person is in dark conditions, their pupils have to dilate for the eyes to have a good vision. Pupils also become smaller when a person is in the sun. this is the reason why you may notice that you pupils get larger sometimes and they go back to normal after that.


recreational drugs like cocaine or LSD are often labelled as the cause of larger pupils but medications can also be the cause. The side effects of the medication or part of the treatment may be the cause of enlarged pupils. There re medications such as atropine, this medication prevents the pupils from getting smaller. Atropine is used in eye exams as well as in treating stomach problems, poisoning, and heart rhythm. There are other over the counter medications that have the same effect.  This effect may go away when the medication fades away.

Eye Injury

Eye injury is the most common cause of enlarged pupils. Any type of injury can cause the pupils to be larger. It can be something in your eyes, a chemical that has entered your eyes or a sharp object. This is caused by trauma which can cause damage to the muscles that are found in the iris. The condition will go away if these muscles are only bruised but if they are torn and badly damaged, this condition will become permanent.  You may have temporary pupil enlargement if you have had a surgery.




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