6 Strangest Alien Encounters in Australia

Australia has had no shortage of strange encounters of the third kind over the years. Australia seems to be the perfect spot for vacationing aliens because of its massive expanse of land. There is definitely plenty of room for UFOs to spin without much scrutiny. Below is a rundown of the most harrowing home-grown ‘X-Files’ occurrences.

The image shows three lights that are separate but are shaped like moons

3 lights from the sky that look like 3 separate moons

The case of Frederick Valentich

On October 21, 20-year-old Frederick Valentich took a rented Cessna out of Victoria’s Moorabbin airport. Frederick Valentich was going to King Island to catch seafood. He spotted a metallic object with green lights flying over him 2, 3 times at a time, at very high speeds. He radioed Melbourne’s Air Flight Service for support. By the way, after his signal cut out, he, together with the plane, were never seen again.

The 1966 Westall sighting

At 6 am, 6 April 1966, over 200 people at Clayton South’s Westall High School saw a trio of full-blown flying saucers. The saucers were hovering over the trees before going down into the trees and disappearing for a minute or 2. They then rose back up, and then took off at a 1000 miles per hour. Some ‘men in black’ and military personnel were allegedly seen on site soon after.

Mysterious Mt. Gambier

On 18 February 1969, eerie red and green lights were seen flashing in the skies over Mt. Gambier. One witness said, “It lit up Mr. Bruce Millowick’s pig houses like a spotlight.”

The WA Triangle

A decade ago, Perth folks got nervous when they spied a large triangle object in the desert near Geraldton.

The Knowles Family Alien Encounter

19 January 1988, Faye Knowles and her 3 sons noticed a mysterious light emerging in the distance. Afterward, the family later said that a light beam yanked the car into the air before it plunged it to the ground. In the process, tires were disabled and the cabin was filled with an eerie grey mist and a foul smell.

Tasmania’s Kettering Incident

February 1976, a man living outside of Kettering was woken by his young child. He witnessed a ‘plane’ falling to the shore of Little Oyster Cove.  The area was covered with a bright glow. The man claims to have seen an extraordinary, humming, dome-shaped object. The next morning, a circular patch of scorched grass was found at the site.

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