8 Fast Food Restaurants That Deliver in Australia

Yes, we all have those Saturday moments when we crave for a specific fast food but just can’t go get it. We either lack the energy or will to head to a drive-through. We have some good news for you. Most Australian fast food restaurants will deliver straight to your doorstep.

You can order, pay for and arrange food delivery from the comfort your own home. There are many fast food restaurants that deliver in Australia. Here are 5 you probably didn’t know about.

The image shows a man who is being handed his plastic bag with food by a delivery guy

Fast Food Delivery Service in Australia


McDonald’s is the biggest of the fast food giants on this list. They launched their McDelivery in Australia almost 2 years ago. The online ordering system is pretty good. It has a similar interface to the touchscreens in store that are used to order. Their system allows you to customize your orders pretty extensively.

Red Rooster

Australian fast food restaurant Red Rooster is big into the delivery game. They offer delivery from an impressive range of locations. This is all thanks to Menulog. The locations include 34 restaurants around Brisbane and 42 near Melbourne. They also offer delivery from numerous smaller regional cities and towns. The brand offers plenty of options and variations in meals.


The Eat Fresh crowd, at the moment, offers home delivery in select stores around Australia. You can see some of the select stores over on Menulog. Ring the restaurant up and ask if your local outlet delivers. Keep an eye out for home delivery flyers in-store too.


Surprisingly, KFC doesn’t actually offer delivery. However, it has an online ordering system. The system lets you pre-order and pre-pay for your food. You can pick your food up immediately once you get to the restaurant.

Mad Mex

Mad Mex, Mexican fast food chain, also has a limited delivery range though Eat Now. It’s not clear if they offer delivery every day, though. If you live around Zetland, you are in luck.

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