Poker Hands Slang You Need to Know

You might get confused watching the World Series of Poker or you might be in it to impress your friends that you know the lingo and slang in the game of Poker. Well, you need to keep in mind quite a number of these Poker hands slang terms are actually interesting. As if that is not enough these slang terms carries some comical stories or explanation that go with them. If you are a Texas Hold’em, you will be holding two cards in your hands, and the rest of the cards will be coming from the community cards.

Poker hands slang online casino

Poker hands slang

The cards that will end up in your hands have their nicknames. Well we are not going to let the cat out of the bag on this one. Let’s get into some of the interesting Poker hands slang you need to know if you are an online casino gambler. They might sound like they are online for land-based casinos. But you can spice up your online gambling at Reels of Joy with these Poker hands slang.

Poker Hands Basic Slang

The terms you will find in basic slang will not actually make you laugh too much. But you will hear them often. And they can make you look you like a sophisticated gambler even if you are a novice. Here are some of the terms you can hear in the basic slang.

Moreover, a pair of Aces can be called Pocket Rockets, Bullet, Nuts or American Airlines. A-J might be called Ajax or Jackass.

Classic Slang

Some hands have been around for a very long time that some of their stories are already lost. The hand of A-8 is actually known as a Dead Man’s hand, based on a legend about a man who was shot dead at a poker table. Whereas a 10 and 2 are called a Doyle Brunson simply because he won two World Series of Poker title with this hand.

The Queen and the Jack is known as the Maverick. Simply because the theme song for the TV show Maverick say the character is “livin’ on jack and queens”. This is a series that became popular around the 1950s. Therefore, it is a doubt of modern gamblers will get this reference.

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