A Little Fun With Secret Codes In The Office

bad Bosses,Crazy Co-workers and other IdiotsThe job of your dreams can be hectic if you have hard bosses to kick you around. Lucky you if you have a friendly relationship with your superiors. For others, it’s a different story altogether.

Instead of looking gloomy and scared every time you are in the office, why not try to have a little fun with your co-workers? Office codes can originate from any situations or experiences. Try an office secret code that only co-workers understand. Be careful not get caught.

White- Walker Bosses

The terminology is inspired by the American fantasy drama series, the Game of Thrones. White- walkers are frictional dead people who want to turn every human being into the walking dead.

White-Walker Bosses are the bosses you have never met before. Probably because they live in another country or they allow workers to work from home. You communicate through the phone or through the internet. Your work relationship is strictly business.

White-walker meme

Everything else is fine. You get your money in time and work is always available. If your work is good do not expect any complement. Remember dead people do not speak but when “winter is here” you can feel the chill. You wouldn’t want winter to come, would you?

The heat comes when you do not perform according to their expectations. That is when you receive near fatal if not fatal kicks and blows via email or skype call.

The Stein Bosses

The Steins are the scariest bosses. Derived from the name Frankenstein, let’s just say, “it runs in the family.” They are some gods who are creating a new you in their own image. Be careful, these ones will emotionally torcher you until you break. As much as you would walk to the bank smiling when it is month-end because your salary has been deposited into your account, you are fully aware that the money was hard earned.

According to Mary Shelley’s novel, the Modern Prometheus, Victor Frankenstein is fascinated with electricity. Just like how The Titan god Prometheus was fascinated with fire. Victor Frankenstein creates hideous monsters by using various body parts of dead animals and humans.

Stein Bosses are fascinated with power. Of all things, the most frightening part is when only you are called to their office. You feel like you are going to piss in your pants right before you receive a “Congratulations, heard your wife had a baby,” comment. During that time your co-workers are also anticipating for the worst. They are holding back their breaths.

When you are trying to warn a colleague to stop Playing real money slots at Reels of Joy Casino and start working but the boss is standing right at your back just say, “Joe why don’t you meet your makers?”

Have fun with the secret office code and again we say do not get caught.


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