Welcome to the month of September!

We happily welcome you to this magnificent month of September. This is the ninth month of the year that is very important to us here at Reels of Joy. A new month means refreshment and boots up. We hope that you leave your old troubles and enter the awesome new month with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Celebrating the month of September

Celebrating the month of September

We have a crazy and overwhelming line up for you. This is something that you should keep an eye out for. Our main aim is to make sure that in as much as we are a casino blog; we want to make sure that we give you nothing but the best and most informative stories on what is going on across the world.

What to Expect this Month

Being versatile is the key to being a good blog. Which has been reflected by the responses we have been getting on our blog. This month is very special to us Australians as it is a month for us to give back to the community and hold hands as one nation to strive and reach one goal. This month we hold hands with Liptember foundation as we raise funds for women’s mental health. There is starlight movie month where we raise funds for children who really need them that is children that are very ill.

We lighten up the mood on social September. Whereby we are saying to disconnect between the digital world and communicate and interact with those people you can’t talk to on the bus or train because you are too busy playing awesome online pokies at Reels of Joy Casino. This day was specifically made for Australians not to forget that they are one people. Definitely not forgetting the Queen’s birthday. Like we mentioned earlier you have to love the month of September and be geared up for it.

Who is to restore your life, if not you? Happy new month!

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