Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is not a public holiday for Australians, sadly. But because it is a very important day it has to be celebrated, it was usually celebrated on the first Sunday of September. And this month it came early. This day is not meant for fathers that only obtained the title because it is their right as people who contributed to the making of the baby.

Father's day

Father’s day

What is father’s day

But it is a day for fathers that actually carry out their duties as fathers. Fathering means that you are protecting and taking care of someone. They are a lot of things that come with the word such as behaving responsibly, being physically and emotionally available, providing financial support, and having an input in child raising decisions.

Traits of a Great Dad

Make time for your family. Sometimes you really have to make some tough choices of going to work and missing your son’s game. Probably because you might risk losing your job. And then you won’t have the finance’s to make sure that they have the basic needs. But we are not saying that use that as an excuse to miss events and functions that mean the world to them. Consider taking off days and spend time with the family be it having game night or spending the weekend together and play fun games that they like.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Make it a habit to talk to your loved ones and have quality time to talk. Sometimes you really do not need to be doing the talking, rather be more of a listener. Like they say a problem shared is a problem solved. Just doing these simple things will actually go a long way.

Let this day be celebrated and show appreciation to all the father figures in your life. Happy fathers day!




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