How To Spot A Controlling Person

There are some people who naturally feel the need to be in control, and by control, we mean not of their life, but they want to control everything around them, you included. For some, this works, but for others, it can so annoying and irritating. While most of those people have no idea that they are controlling, some of them make sure that you are able to feel their presence when they do it. Today, we want to look at a few ways that you will be to spot a controlling person.

10 Signs of a Controlling Personality

A Controlling Person

A Controlling Person

  1. They never take the blame and they make sure that everything is your fault
  2. A controlling person will criticise you all the time
  3. They want to keep you all to themselves, isolating you from your family and your friends
  4. A controlling person will always want something I return, they will always keep scores.
  5. They never listen to what you have to say, they accuse you of being overly sensitive and too emotional.
  6. A controlling person loves to create unnecessary drama
  7. A controlling Peron will undermine you in all aspects of your life and by so doing, they will intimidate you.
  8. They are very moody, the mood can change several times during the day.
  9. A controlling person will never take no for an answer. They always want things to be in their favour.
  10. A controlling person is very jealous, they want your undivided attention and they might feel jealous when you spend time with other people.


These are a few of the signs on how you will be able to spot a controlling person. As we said earlier, some of those people may be doing it deliberately and there are some who have no idea that they are doing I all. And because you spend time around them, you also might not be able to see that you are being controlled as well.



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