Types of food that boost your memory

There are many foods that does a lot of different things to our bodies. Some make us fat, some make us slim, some make us unhealthy, and some make us very healthy too. However, there are types of food that help improve our memory and our brain function. It is important to have an active memory because we have to remember important things of our day and a healthy and strong mind means a happy body and day. Here are some foods to help boost your memory.

food that boost your memory



Yea well coffee is not necessarily food but either way it helps. The two components that are found in coffee helps your brain. Caffeine and antioxidants help in increasing alertness. You ever heard someone saying they have overworked and they need some coffee to lighten up and boost their mind. Well yes it helps, and it also helps with the mood and concentration. Coffee revives you and makes you woke which is why most business people have these a lot. For online gamblers you need to be awake and active when you are gambling for real money at online casinos. So this means that drinking coffee helps you focus when you are gambling the more reason it should be a part of your day.

Fatty fish

This fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Part of our brains is comprised of the omega 3 fat. So this helps in building brain nerves and cells and improving the memory. So eating fish has positive effects to our brain.


Some people believe that spices are not good for the body and they lead to different kind of diseases. Well not this particular spice. Turmeric is rich in antioxidant and inflammatory. It helps easing depression and it helps in growing new brain cells. Furthermore the active ingredient in turmeric which is Curcumin benefits the brain cells a lot.


It is important to know that vitamin c is a very active factor in preventing mental decline. You can attain all the vitamin c you need by eating just one orange in a day. So to keep your brain healthy you can make use of oranges and other fruits like strawberries, guava, kiwi and more.

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