Chinese Gambling Charms

The one thing that we love to hate about online casino games and gambling in general is the fact there is no set way that you can win the games. As such you are forced to employ different strategies all in the name of winning at the casino gambling games. And if you don’t fancy strategies, we will give you some of the most fascinating Chinese gambling charms. With these Chinese gambling charms maybe, just maybe you will be able to win that online casino jackpot that you have been looking forward to.

The Cats Eye

Cats Eye Chinese Gambling Charms

Chinese Gambling Charms

The cats eye is a Chinese amulet that is believed to bring you great fortune. According to the Chinese, the qualities of the cats eye ornament chase away bad luck.

The Color Red

This one is not a charm per say but it is one of the things that the Chinese do consider lucky. That is why if you have ever noticed most of the Chinese ornaments are red because they are believed to bring luck. Therefore, you can also try it out as well when you are playing your real money online casino games and adorn yourself on some red apparel.

To the Ladies

Speaking abut the lucky color red, the Chinese also believe that for women gambling during their period will bring them luck. We are not sure how far true this is but hey, you can always try it next month and see how it works out for you.

Number 8

Another Chinese gambling charm that you try to use is the number 8. The reason why the chinses believe that the number 8 will bring you luck is because of is shape which symbols eternity. Therefore when you are playing roulette you can try betting on number 8 to see how far it will get you.

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