The Surrender Rule In Blackjack

The game of 21 or Blackjack as it is commonly known is one of the most common casino games. This is both online and at land based casinos. Blackjack has been made popular by its ease of play, low house edge and the great payouts. However as easy as it is to play, there is the surrender rule in blackjack that many players fail to understand. And it is on that very point that we shall dwell today.

What is the Surrender Rule in Blackjack?

The surrender rule in the game will allow for a player to fold in the middle of the game when they think that they have lost. By so doing, they will only half of their original bet.

Types of Surrender in Blackjack

The Surrender Rule In Blackjack

The Surrender Rule In Blackjack

Before we go very far, you need to know that it is not all blackjack games that come with the surrender option. Therefore you will have to bear in mind that some games will allow you to surrender while some will not. For those games that do come with the option, there are two types of surrender in the games, and these are early surrender and late surrender.

Early Surrender

This variant comes with a house edge of only 0.62%. When you play such games you will paid half of your initial be. Most players opt for this variant and this is before the dealer has won with a blackjack.

Late Surrender

Late surrender will give you the very same options. The difference being that you surrender after the dealer has won. However with variant you will only be able to get half your bet back only if the the dealer is not showing a blackjack in their win.

When to Surrender

To surrender basically means that you are giving up on the game. Therefore, you have to pick the best time to do so. And in this case the best time for you to surrender would be when the odds are clearly against you. In most cases, players opt to surrender when the dealer is holding an Ace in their hands.


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