5 Famous Movie Villains You Should Know.

Many Hollywood movies feature at least one villain. While some villains serve a purpose, others exist simply because directors want them around. In addition, villains often become symbols of evil, something we subconsciously connect with. Here are five famous movie villains you should know.

5 Famous Movie Villains You Should Know.

                                               Movie Villains .         


The Joker.

The Joker isn’t just one villain. He’s a criminal mastermind who’s well-known for his humour, charisma, and unpredictability. After being rejected by a woman and falling into depression, Joker begins to feel that he cannot succeed. It doesn’t help that Batman has been stealing from him, either. So, the Joker decides to kill Batman and take over Gotham City.


Thanos is the main antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . In the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, Thanos travels back in time to collect all 6 infinity stones so that he may use them to wipe out half of all life in the universe. Once again, it’s not too hard to guess what happens next. Instead of wiping out half of the population, though, Thanos collects all of the heroes and uses them as pawns against his enemies. However, when Thanos’ army is defeated, Thor comes up with a plan that will allow the remaining Avengers to destroy Thanos.

T-1000 from Terminator.

If you’ve ever seen “Terminator 2” or “Terminator Salvation”, then you should understand how T-100 works when it comes to killing people. The Terminator is an artificial intelligence which can copy itself within any type of machinery. As long as they stay connected to a power source, a camera, or another piece of equipment, they’ll begin creating copies of themselves.


The movie Harry Potter has the villain Voldemort .To most people, Voldemort is known as a fictional character in a book series. However, to Harry Potter fans, he’s an iconic villain with great power and control over others. Voldemort is a powerful wizard who attempts to gain immortality by using parts from Horcruxes. Because of this, he creates seven magical objects which contain pieces of his soul.


Loki remains one of Marvel’s most popular Super-Villains because of his complexity in the MCU. He first appears in “Thor” as an Asgardian prince turned into a beast and fights against his brother Thor. He soon joins forces with the Dark Elves and takes over the Aether.

In conclusion, here we’ve talked about some of the top 5 super villains of all time.



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