Types of Blackjack Bonus Bets and How to Play them

Blackjack bonus bets are found in almost all Blackjack games. This is because players have become experts when it comes to playing standard Blackjack games. Although a standard Blackjack game has low house edge, that is not the case with side bets.

Bonus bets are easy to play and they  go with standard Blackjack bets. The bonus bets should be made before receiving the first two cards. Find a table that suits your bankroll.

 Blackjack side bets Australia

Blackjack side bets

Types of Blackjack Bonus Bets

Most bonus bets, also called side best can be made with just $1. they are separate from standard Blackjack bets.  You do nopt have to bet on them as they are optional.

These are the types of side bets

  • Royal match
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Lucky Ladies
  • Bonus Spin


Place a minimum of a $1 in the circle where side bats are placed right next to the Blackjack regular bets. You will be paid for side bets even if you do not win the regular bet. It is not advisable to play side bets too much as they give the house more advantage. Casino bonus bets are offered in different variations.

What is the Cost of Playing Bonus Bets

You will have to get a better understanding of how casino edge works in order to understanding the cost of playing bonus bets. The house has about 2. 5 percent advantage over the [player meaning if the player loses, they would lose about 2.5 cents for each dollar wagered.

There are player friendly bets which have a low house edge. Bonus bets like straight 8’s and sweet sixteen have casino edge of about 2.7 percent. Additionally, there are side bets which have a high edge. These side bets are Royal match, match the dealer, Hi/Low, and Bonus spin, they have a casino edge of 3. 5 percent to 8. 6 percent while Magic Jack and wheel of madness have a house advantage of 17 percent to 24 percent.

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