The Ultimate Poker Man Cave

Creating your own Poker man cave is not that expensive if you have space in your apartment to do it. you could create your own Poker man curve, a place where you can play Poker with friends. Here is a guide to making a perfect Poker setup.

Poker Man Cave

The best Poker Man Cave

Poker Table

There are many options to choose from that could fit your budget. However the cheap ones are cheaply made.

Standalone Poker Tables

The tables are complete with their own legs. They are decorated with signs and symbols of Poker symbols. They are very similar to those used in online live dealer casinos. Some of these tables have toppers that can protect felt or double to make the table real.

If you purchase the table avoid using it for anything else because things like food will mess up your felt.

Poker Table Toppers

The tables can be found at Wal-Mart. Find a topper that is the same color as your table, nice ones will cost you more.

Neon Signs

Poker neon signs vary in terms of prices. You can buy a neon sign and have it customised, the sign can say whatever you want. remove it after the game so that it will not suck electricity.

Custom Decks

You can customise both the front and back of your playing cards, why not when casinos have customised decks. Custom made decks are not expensive thanks to technology.

Card Shuffler is a Good Thing to have in Your Poker Man Cave

Automated card shufflers are definitely something that you should buy. They come in a variety of sizes. You however have to buy a good card counter because cheaper ones will tear your cards which are not good.  It is however not advisable to customize your cards with different backs if you are using card counters. This is because people may accuse you of cheating.

Custom Poker Chips

The good thing about having your own Poker man curve is you can customise everything in a way that you want. just like in a casino, you could customise your Poker chips.

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