Facts You Need to Know When Hitting a Royal Flush at Video Poker

Lets be real and legit. What most online poker players in Aussie pray for is that the next hand will give them a video poker royal flush. Finger crossed when the dealer is dealing the cards at Reels of Joy online casino. Whilst you are crossing your fingers for a royal flush. Have you ever ask yourself the chances that this will happen when you hold, let’s say four cards to a royal flush?

You need to ask yourself what are the chances of being dealt a royal flush at Video Poker. That way you will have the real idea of where and when to place your bet.

Video Poker Royal Flush

Video Poker Royal Flush

Four Cards to the Royal Flush

You are the lucky one if you are to be dealt four cards just off the bat. This actually does not happen all the time. Therefore, every time the cards are dealt four cards to  the chance is that you will get one card you need to complete a royal flush.

Three Cards to Video Poker Royal Flush

You will be dealt three cards to a royal flush once in every 92 hands and that’s the average. Or at some point, it can be 13 times every two hours. This is not the same as the 1 in 47 chance above. At this point, the chance of hitting a royal flush when holding three cards is in 1,081.

Two Cards

You can actually expect to be dealt a two-card royal flush once in every 13 hands on average. Though the frequency of you being dealt a two-card is a good thing, the odds of drawing a royal flush, on the other hand, are very long.

Above all, you can still play video poker at Reels of Joy online casino and win real money in real-time now. There are numerous poker variations that you can explore at Reels of Joy and enjoy this amazing feauture.


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