Reels of Joy Responsible Gambling

Responsible GamblingIt is insane to engage in real money gambling and not have the urge of winning real money. What is more insane is putting yourself at a financial risk simply because you have overspent money on gambling. Reels of Joy Casino is aware of the overspending habits gamblers adopt; hence we have set responsible gamble- tools for our players.

Player Self-Exclusion

As much as we want you to take up the challenge and have fun gambling at Reels of Joy Casino, we want to protect our valued customers. We want to create a safe and comfortable gambling environment.

Player self-exclusive is a responsible gambling method available at a player’s request. The casino aids them to completely exclude themselves from gambling activities. The casino will block out the player for a certain period of time. They will even go to the extent of removing you from promotional notices

Reels of Joy provide for this service has per a player’s request. The term for exclusive is optional, a player can opt for 1, 3 or 6 months. Our online casino will immediately lock the player’s casino account. Thus if they wish to make a come back before their self-exclusion period is through, they will not gamble.

Adjustments to Player’s Deposits

Reels of Joy Casino we are here for our players. We will set limits on the deposits made by players at the casino. Players can call us to the rescue if they are having problems with financial management.

The casino will allow a certain amount in the players bankroll to be for betting for set period. The rest is blocked from the owner’s access. Let’s say a player has gambled all the deposit they set for the casino, the rest of the bankroll will be blocked until the period agreed has expired.

Reels of Joy is a gambling site that is professional and respected in the industry.

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