Popular Foods That Are Not Healthy

There are terms that are often used by businesses in order to falsely portray their products as healthy.  Terms like low fat, homemade, fresh and organic may be used for you to think the products are safe. Some of these products are very popular.  We are going to look at some of the foods that are popular but are not healthy.

popular unhealthy food

Popular Foods That Are Not Healthy

Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juices are made from a hydraulic press. This hydraulic press is used to crush and press fruits and vegetables without using heat. There is no heat or oxygen that is used meaning they would like to say that no nutrients are lost when juice is extracted. There have been no studies that prove that heat and oxygen can prevent nutrients from being lost. 100 percent juices have been proven to be healthy.

Veggie Chips

These are often seen as healthier than potato chips. This is because of the name ‘vegie’ that they have been given. According to health experts, that is not true at all. Veggies lose their nutrients when they are whittled down to powders. There is high sodium content in these types of chips, the sodium content helps in giving a taste like potato chips. This means you cannot substitute veggies with veggie chips. Get fresh vegetables if you want healthy vegetables.

Plant-based Meat

There are companies that are offering meat that is based on plants. These types of meat are said to be based on plants only. Vegetarians are buying these types of meat hence they have become popular.  According to people who eat these types of meat, they taste just like the real meat. However, according to health experts these types of meat are high in sodium and are not always healthy. Many of these types of meats have some chemicals that are not healthy. They contain fats and calories that are similar to meat. This means they are not as healthy as a lot of people think





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