Types of slot games in an online casino

Slot machines come in many forms from classic fruit machines, and electronic gaming machines, or video poker machines. Each type has its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In reality, they all share some common features such as jackpots, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. Let’s see below the types of slot games.

online casino slot games

online casino slot games


Fixed Jackpot Games in an online casino

These are the traditional game titles that have a fixed prize amount with no progressive jackpot element whatsoever. The only way to win any money is by hitting the winning combination on a pay line (as opposed to the scatter symbols). This type of machine is usually found at low-end land-based venues.

Progressive Jackpot Games

A newer variation of the traditional machines, the jackpot grows over time due to a random number generator. As more players play the machine, it adds to the already existing jackpot amount. At times these slots can be quite addictive and therefore should be used sparingly.

Matching Bonus Games

These are similar to the progressive jackpots except instead of adding to the current jackpot amount, the player wins a specific amount of cash for matching certain patterns. For example, if there is a red 7 up on reels 1 & 2, then the player will win $5 if he/she gets 4 more 7s anywhere else on the screen.

Scatter Symbols

This is one of the most popular new additions to modern-day slot machines. Like the bonus round, this feature allows the player to win additional prizes for matching predetermined combinations of symbols on the reels. The difference between these two is that, unlike the standard bonus round where you are simply given a choice of how much money you want to win, scatter bonuses give you an option of which of the symbols you want to receive your winnings.

In conclusion, each type of casino slot machine offers different rewards to the player. Before choosing one particular style of game, know what the pros and cons of each type are so you don’t get disappointed later on.



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