What Are The Odds Of Getting a No Answer When You Propose?

Failed Marriage ProposalWe have seen a couple videos that went viral on social media because a marriage proposal had gone completely wrong. The person asked for the “hand” would have said, No! We also have seen unusual but romantic ways of going down on one knee and proposing for a marriage to the loved ones. But ever wondered what the Odds of getting rejected after making a proposal are?

Studies have reported that quite a number of people are turning down the marriage proposals. It is the women who are mostly turning down a proposal. Some of the reasons include that she doesn’t feel that the partner in question. Or he has not proved himself to be the one. They might also reject a proposal because they aren’t ready to marry. Sometimes its simply a badly done proposal that will receive a No answer.  However, most of these people tend to regret afterwards.

Reasons for people rejecting a marriage proposal are many. We will just mention a few in this article.

Which then bring us to the question, what are the odds of getting a No when you propose for marriage?  Let’s just reap it up by saying, the way you present yourself to your partner in the relations will determine the result.  Putting into consideration how ready they are for the big move. Proposals usually come as a surprise which scares the hell out of people.

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