History of Slot MAchines: How it All Began

History of Slot Machines

After having so much fun with online casino gaming it is only normal that you under up thinking whose brilliant idea it was in the first place. casino gaming has been in place for years now. This is why you will find some of the games being dated to as early as the 16th century. Therefore, this article is going to be specifically looking at the history of slot machines.

History of Slot Machines

Slot machine history may not be as extensive as gambling history. But it certainly stretches back to a time when Internet gambling was not even a notion, let alone anyone’s reality. Only two centuries after gambling was recognized as a craft and key source of amusement in Europe, the first slot-like devices appeared to spice up the entire gaming.

The Sittman and Pit Slots

Whereas the Sittman and Pitt slot machines are the first slot machines ever produced. Therefore, their design and mechanism differed from what would subsequently be described as the first slot machine. Sittman and Pitt slot machines looked more like a poker machine than a slot machine when viewed from a current gaming perspective.

The Liberty Bell Slots

Charles Augustus Fey is the designer and inventor of the first automated slot machine. Albeit there is no precise date on record for when the machine was built. The Liberty Bell slot machine paid out the most money for three bell symbols, which is how the machine acquired its name.

The Operator Bell

Casino slots became a lot more colorful and fun. Despite the fact that slot machines were formally forbidden in 1902, the Liberty Bell continued to be made. However, because cash awards could no longer be dispensed. It was time for the fruit machine to take the stage of gambling entertainment and offer everyone some sweets. In 1907, Mills created an even more fun and interesting slot game.

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