Gambling Novels You Can Read Now

Online casinos have given every gambler a more conducive, private and free space to feed their gambling spirits. However, the advent of books on gambling has advanced their chances of satisfying that hunger to win. These top five gambling novels, give the players an insight into how the gambling legends managed to attain and retain their gambling statuses. They highlight the tactics used to win their games so gamblers can make use of these books to enhance their gambling knowledge.

Gambling Books To Read

Gambling Novels

Gambling Novels

The Casino Royale Gambling Book 

The book, later movie,  is a good example of a fictional gambling book. It is also part of the James Bond series by Ian Flemming. The storyline is based on how Bond switched on his gambling side to beat a fanatic financier in a game of Baccarat.

A Man of all Markets

The readers can also enjoy this epic biography of a well-known gambling king, Edward Thorpe. The book looks at how the mathematician uses the card counting theory to win blackjack. Also, there is a much better account in his second book with the title Beat the Dealer. The book is quite popular amongst gambling books society.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King.

This is a good book for the amateur in the poker industry.  It gives an account of how armature poker players ended up dominating the game in Las Vegas. The Author, Michael Craig, looks at the lives of Andy Beal and Doyle Brunson. It focuses on how they end up being successful in the Las Vegas scenery by using unique tactics.

 Bringing Down the House

Inspired by Edward Thorpes Beat the Dealer, six MIT students manage to dominate the blackjack gaming industry. In his gambling book inspired encounter Ben Mezrich accounts how the students, turned millionaires, end up not being popular in Las Vegas Casinos due to their numerous winnings.

 Roll the Bones

David Schwarts’ book focuses on gambling do’s and don’ts. It looks at the gambling experiences of French author Voltaire as a guide to how to win. On the other hand, the mistakes are shown through Fyodor Dostoyevsky who lost large amounts of money to unwise gambling. So online casino players need to read these books to get a full insight of the gambling industry.


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