Fear: Is it Good or Bad?

Fear is the one thing that can both hold you up and push you down at the same time. Why we say this is because it has the power to influence your choices. Meaning to say that because of fear you are both able to be a great person.  At the same time, you are able to turn your yourself into a complete nothing.

The Good in Fear

Despite all this, there is some good that comes with fear. Take, for instance, the being scared of being poor or broke will inevitably cause you to work harder than anyone one else. By so doing, you are able to achieve so much more all because of that something that scares you, being the same force that drives you.

Furthermore, it is this fear that helps you to always be prepared. That is we have car insurance as well as life insurance because we scared of what might in the event of an accident. That why we said that in fear there is both good and bad, good in that being scared will help you to prepare for the worst possible outcome.



The Bad in Fear

Ever heard of the phrase paralysed with fear? Such that you are so scared that you can not even do anything. That is bad that comes with being scared, in the sense that you let your fears overcome. Some people when they are scared of something they have nothing that they can do. They just stay still and let their fears overcome them. That is the bad part parr part about being scared. You get to the point where you don’t even know what to do.

What do you do then?

If ever you feel like you are to overcome with being scared, we advise that you stop and take a breath of fresh air. Just breathe and relax. Afterwards, get your priorities straight. Then you will see that what you really scared off is something that you can control and have the power to control.

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