The Best Mental Health Apps for 2020

While you can use online casino games to clear up your mind, there are other ways that you can recollect and increase mental health. And, some of them are on Apps that you can easily download on Google Playstore.

Therefore, this article is going to be giving you some of the best Apps to help increase your mental health and prevent you from getting depressed or having a mental breakdown.

mental Health

Best mental health apps


This app has been described as the best overall mental health app. Moodfit comes with a lot of tools that can help you deal with general mental health issues. Meaning, you can use it for anxiety, stress and depression.


Sometimes you might be in a tight space with no one that you can comfortably talk to.  Therefore, Talkspace was created to give you all the therapy that you need. The prices for the therapy range from $65 to $100.   And, you can send messages, audios and even videos to your therapist.


This is the best app for when you need to clear up your mind during your online casino gaming. Headspace was made to help you meditate and relax. The app is being used to provide help to over 190 countries in the world right now.


As the name suggests, this app is there to make your rainy days sunny.  Therefore, Happify is the go-to app for when you are In the gloomiest moods. The best part is that therapy comes from playing games as well. There is a free trial version that you can use, but in order to get all the fun, you will need to pay about $15 per month.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Depression is one of the deadliest mental health issues because it can easily lead to suicide. Hence, it needs to be addressed as soon as you start seeing the signs. And, if you do not know how to, you can download Depression CBT Self-Help Guide.

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