Why Do The Bad Guy Have To Use Boomerangs

The boomerang is an Australian icon. It is described by the national museum as “one of Australia’s most unique and distinctive emblems”. So what’s up with Captain Boomerang? No offence but of late he is being portrayed as one ugly bloke. Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang in the 2016 film, Suicide Squad is a sore sight. But what a performance by the actor. A performance in which “badness” is associated in the most vivid way with being an Aussie.

A BadAce

Even though Captain Boomerang is a bad guy, he is no ordinary bad guy. He is a super villain. Typical of all things Aussie, always ace at everything. The kind of “bad” excellence that makes you proud to come from the baddest continent on the planet. It really is. Remember we do have the last surviving real dragon, the komodo dragon. Forget the animals even the trees down here can kill you.

The Stereotype

There must be a stereotype developing out there. Where the best supervillains have to be Aussies. There are too many Hollywood super villains with Australian roots. Is it possibly because Ned Kelly is among the nation’s heroes? Again, that pride of being associated be the baddest. Boomerang AcepokiesIt’s an Aussie thing that cannot be explained. Believe us several people have tried and failed miserable. They had to get an Australian actor to play the baddest comic book character. Hugh Micheal Jackman is by far the best wolverine to date and possibly ever. We have the opportunity of living in the infant days of the technological revolution. This gives us the unique advantage of being able to get “classic” status from captivating performances. Hugh Jackman has earned one for his performance as wolverine.

Ace Motivation

Regardless of the field that you are in, there is always room to excel. Being ace is all about setting your goals and elevating your standards. Higher standards produce higher results. And that continued process of self-refinement is what gets you to the top. Even of the baddest list.

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