French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the most exciting table games offered by Reels of Joy. Without any doubt, the game is famous amongst Australian gamblers. This version of roulette is almost similar to European Roulette. If you understand the European version, you can easily play French Roulette. The difference between the two is the use of two rules and table layout.

French Roulette uses La Partage rule that gives it an advantage over European Roulette. La Partage rule gives you a fair chance for using even money to bet. You will get the at least half of the amount of money you bet if the ball lands in the pocket bearing the number zero. En Prison rule allows you to choose whether to take back or leave half the bet for another round. The La Partage rule makes French Roulette unique and enjoyable to play. Losing is part of the game but getting half of your bet back is better than losing the whole amount. You'll get something to continue playing with at the online casino and your bankroll is not depleted fast.

How To Play French Roulette

Playing French Roulette at Reels of Joy is fun, safe and secure. Australian players can place their bets using the local currency Australian Dollar (AUD).

French Roulette features 37 numbered pockets consists of a single zero and numbers 1 up to 36. The important thing you should always know about this roulette version is that it is completely random. It is won by chance and there is nothing much you can do to manipulate the outcome. However, you must strategize your game plan, for instance, using La Partage rule to increase your chances of winning. Make small bets, this game depends on luck and starting by placing high bets may end up wiping your bankroll quickly. The advantage of French Roulette is its house edge which is low. A lower house edge increases your chances of winning. Place your bets, spin and start winning today playing online French Roulette at Reels of Joy casino.