European Roulette

European Roulette is a casino game that is fun to play and loved by many Australians and players around the world. This version of roulette is the easiest to play at an online or mobile casino. Reels of Joy provides European Roulette to players giving them great online casino experiences anywhere and anytime. It is easy to play but it requires you to combine strategy and chance to win. European Roulette is played on a 37-number wheel (there are 37 pockets), the game has only a single zero. The numbers range from 0 – 36 and coloured either black or red.

How To Play European Roulette

When playing European Roulette you start by placing bets. Players can bet on one or more numbers depending on the strategy. They can also bet on whether the outcome will be odd or even. The game consists of inside and outside bets with different payouts.

Remember this casino game consists of a 37-number wheel and a ball that has equal chance to land on any one of the 37 pockets. You bet on the number you predict the ball is going to land. Make a decision whether the next number will be black or red. After making your predictions spin the wheel and wait for the outcome. The payout is based on the multiplier of your bet.

Roulette is fun to play when you understand the rules, odds and how to play it. You should also know how to strategize. This is how you can become a regular winner. The important strategy to winning European Roulette is to understand the game well.

Why Online European Roulette

European Roulette is the most popular roulette version that is easy to play and learn online. You can play it whenever you feel like spinning the roulette wheel at Reels of Joy casino. The casino offers European Roulette with top notch quality graphics and sounds effects for a spectacular roulette experience. You also find the best possible odds for a favourable outcome.