Top Clothing Brands Available for Women Today

There is a lot of clothing brands for women to pick from. The brands come from different designers. Some brands come affordable while some are very expensive. Every brand has its history and unique designs. In this article, we will be giving you some of the top clothing brands for women.


This is a Swedish store best known for creating the Cheap Monday brand of denim. As they only go for $60 a pair, they have the brand saturating clothing retailers like  Barneys in the United States and Urban Outfitters. Even though this store is now being owned by H&M, it continues to sell a variety of branded yet reasonably priced women’s clothes such as Filippa K and Acne. They also offer a distinct vintage area in their stores.

American Apparel

This company was founded by Dov Charney, who is well-known in the retail industry, but it also draws people because apparel products such as revealing skirts and silky trousers are provided at the greatest prices under this brand. Their prices are reasonable, and they sell basic items that are distinctive throughout the year. The sizing might not be accurate at the time, but the deals are almost always too amazing to pass up.


This brand was called Levi’s and Records when it was formed in 1969. They were the first of their sort to sell apparel under their brand name to a particular clientele, which for them was Americans in the middle class. Despite its stores being understocked at times, this business has grown to become the world’s largest clothing retailer, providing the best-fitting pants.

Urban Outfitters

This clothing brand, formerly known as The Free People’s Store, was founded in Philadelphia in 1970. For students who are seeking trendy, adorable, and whimsical apparel, this is a safe sanctuary. The houseware, which is sold at low prices, is a huge plus. The customer base, however, extends outside college students, because this is one of the brands known for fantastic partnerships, such as with Steve Alan, Corpus, and Paul & Joe

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