Why You Should Not Go To Bed Angry

Why you should not go to bed angry has always been more of a myth or an encouraging phrase for one to be strong and deal with issues. There has been however scientific reasons why you should never go to bed angry. Going to bed sure has some physical out comes that you definitely do not want to experience.

Avoiding these is recommended as they have negative effects to one’s health. In this article, we, look at some of the scientific reasons why you must not go to bed angry.

Why You Should Not Go To Bed Angry: It Affects the Quality of Your Sleep

The body is easily triggered in to what is known as fight or flight response. This can be a result of feelings like anger, stress and other heavy feelings that affect one’s mood. The release of adrenaline and noradrenaline will increase your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

With all these factors, falling asleep will be a challenge. Moreover, even if you by chance manage to sleep it will still be hard to stay asleep. Thus, the quality of your sleep is affected and this can build up more anger.

Overall Health is affected by Less Sleep

According studies that have been conducted, the general health of human beings is greatly affected by lack of sleep. Science has since described sleep as an overnight therapy that contributes a great deal to one’s well-being.

Our body goes through stages when we go into deep sleep, and one of these stages is REM. This is when the brain processes and stabilizes one’s emotions and this process has an effect on our mood the next day.

The above reasons have been scientifically proven to affect the general well-being. Hence, it is encouraged never to go to bed angry for whatever reason it may be. A repeat of such events will eventually lead to insomnia and depression.




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