Why You Need Money in A Relationship

There are a lot of misconceptions about money in a relationship. Being broke will make you have so many ideas that love is not about the money but rather how you feel. In turn, those women looking for financially stable women are regarded as “gold diggers”.   Considering that some of these women have their own money already, it is hard to see what exactly they will be digging at the end of the day. Therefore, we are going to be highlighting the importance of money in relationships.

love and money

Love is What  You Do

At times, your girl may feel like you do not love her because you haven’t been able to see her in weeks. It would have been a lot easier if you had your own car or money for fuel. Yes, she can hire a UBBER or give you fuel money here and there, but you will need to pull your weight as well.  Remember, there may be some guy visiting her with her flowers every day.


Do Not Be a Burden

Ladies,  you would want to be spoilt once in a while. But, your man is human too and he would love to feel appreciated. He shouldn’t be scared to get a call from you because he knows that you probably want some money. Surprise him once in a while.  Therefore, you will need to make sure that you have your own footing in the relationship as well.

Dates Need To Be Paid For

You will need to go on dates here and there. These are fun times that will always go down memory lane and will be cherished. And, they need to be paid for. As the saying goes, the heart grows fonder when there is food involved. Men, women are much happier when they are not hungry!


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