Why Martingale Cannot Help You Win Roulette

So many gamblers use the martingale strategy when playing Roulette. This strategy will not help you win at all. Here is why it will not help you.

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Why Martingale Cannot Help You Win Roulette

Martingale Strategy Involves a Countless Bankroll to Survive Losses

You will need a lot of money for you to use this strategy. The Martingale strategy was developed in 1654. The strategy requires you to double your bet when you lose , this will also continue if you lose again. If you bet $10 and lose, this means you will have to bet $20 in the next game. If you are on a losing streak, you will lose a lot of money.

Casinos Have Betting Limits

There is a betting limit at casinos and this makes this strategy useless. The casino will not allow you to bet an amount that is above their limit. Each casino has rules when it comes to betting limits. If you bet on the martingale strategy and you lose consecutively for a number of times you may not be able to bet again because of the betting limit.

The Odds of The Game Remain the Same  Even if You Use Martingale or Not

The odds of  roulette games remain the same whether you use this strategy or not. If you wager on the  American double-zero wheel, you will have the odds of 47.36 percent on any random spin. When you bet on the European single-zero wheel, the odds will be 48.64 percent. These odds will not change simply because you are using this strategy.


Do not use the martingale strategy in order to win the game of Roulette because you will lose a lot of money if you go on a losing streak. The casino limit on the betting amount may mean that you will lose more and may never have a chance to recover the money after you lose. Find another strategy to use or fold when you feel like it is now enough.

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