How to whiten your teeth

Talk about an obsession with white teeth. Seeing people with yellow teeth totally makes feel grossed out. But at times it might not really be your fault that your teeth change color or maybe you are not aware of the bad habits that you keep doing that will make them yellow.

What causes teeth discoloration

Teeth have what is called the enamel which is the layer that we see when we look at your teeth. And they are various foods that stain the enamel, they actually require one to brush their teeth after taking such foods. But is something that not everyone knows.

The enamel covers what is called the dentin. And the dentin is yellow in colour. So in cases that your enamel has eroded definitely your dentin will show and cause your teeth to look yellow as it is its natural color. You are probably wondering what causes the enamel to erode. Well, the dentist often tells people that one should brush their teeth for a certain period and should not take centuries brushing them because in an attempt to make them white you might be turning them to look like cheese coated teeth.

Tips on how to have white teeth the natural way

We always believe in using natural ingredients. These other artificial creams of methods work faster and like magic but at the end of it you might end up having double the trouble. And from your cheese coated teeth to looking like you have grills. You can never go wrong with natural ingredients.

Lemon works on cleaning a lot of things like clothes stains, sinks, surfaces but today we talk about it working on white teeth. You can choose to just use the lemon and rub it on your teeth every day or use the extract to brush your teeth. But it is more effective if you use the lemon juice and soda and brush your teeth, and you have your million dollar smile!

Charcoal is black and they are no way people would believe it that it works wonders. It actually does I feel like is the most effective ways to have white teeth. What you simply do is take the charcoal and brush your teeth and you will be amazed.

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