What Makes Us Human?

Humanity is something that has been preached about since time immemorial. Human beings have been called upon to be kind, loving as well caring among many other attributes, but the question that we have today is what makes us human?

Attributes of Human Beings

What Makes Us Human?

What Makes Us Human?


One of the first and foremost things that makes us human is our conscience. That little voice that we hear inside our heads when we are about to do something wrong is one of the traits of a human being. Because of our conscience, we are able to make choices that will have less dire consequences.

The ability to make Choices

Another key aspect that makes us human is the ability to choose. As human being s we have the right to make choices, be it they are right or wrong. As long as we are able to face the consequences, the right of choice is something that only human possess.

Our Brain

The nature in which our brains are structured is another aspect that makes us human. It is easy to understand the brains of animals and even try to anticipate their next move, however that is not the case when it comes to human beings. To understand the human brain is something that is close to impossible as each brain is unique and you cannot use just one brain to understand them all.

We are Unique

What makes us human is also the fact that we are unique. There are no two human beings that are exactly the same. Even the most identical of twins will have something that makes different form each other. All humans are unique, even as much as we may try to say group them according to race, ethnicity , culture, traditional, or nation there will never be two human beings who are exactly the same.

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