Ways to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus has brought uncertainty and fear in the world with more than 7, 529 deaths worldwide and more than 180 000 infections. With this in mind there is need to adapt coping mechanisms that can help you through these trying times. We shall explore ways in which you can deal with coronavirus anxiety.

Coronavirus Anxiety Australia

Coronavirus Anxiety

Accept that you Have Coronavirus Anxiety

It is very normal to be worried during the outbreak of this deadly virus. Do not try to deny symptoms of anxiety but instead acknowledge that you are very worried. If you feel that you are experiencing shortness of breath, try to sit down and take long breaths as this may help.

Avoid Information from Unreliable Sources

Because there is a lot of panicking, you may receive a lot of misinformation from social media platforms. Try to disconnect yourself from these and only here news from government official sites and World Health Organisation only. You do not have to take all the information provided online as this may increase your anxiety.

Limit your time on social media if you do decide to go on social media.

Do not Speculate

Make sure you rely only on facts and not speculate because this will also increase anxiety. Avoid social media and news speculations as this can also increase anxiety. Make sure you follow what health officials are saying.


Get an app that will help you when you exercise at home because exercise will help relieve Anxiety. Most gyms are closed at the moment so exercising at home is your best option.

Talk to Friends

If you are staying alone, find family and friends that you can chat with online. This will provide emotional support during this difficult time. This will also assure you that your loved ones are okay, you can video chat with them.

Find New Things to Do

Staying at home is not fun, you may have had your daily routines disrupted. Find new interesting things to do, for example, you can play real money online casino games.

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