How to Play War Blackjack

War Blackjack is similar to an ordinary Blackjack game. this version of Blackjack uses either six or eight deck, this depends on the casino.

War Blackjack 2020

How to play Online War Blackjack

The Difference Between War Blackjack and Ordinary Blackjack

If you decide to make that you are not going to make the war side bet there will be no difference between the two games.

The war Blackjack side bet pits the player’s first card against the dealer’s up card. The highest card will win. The hose wins ties. If you win the Blackjack War side bet you will have an option to parlay the original wager.

How to play War Blackjack

Firstly, you make a wager. You place the bet in the circle in front of you.  The war side bet is optional if you want you can wager it. it is a must to make a bet on the Blackjack hand and you do not have to make a bet in the war circle.

When all bets are made, all the players as well as the dealer will receive one card face up. The order  starts from the left of the dealer. At this moment the side bets are resolved and the highest card will win. The ace plays low and the dealer wins tie.  If a player wins, they have an option of parlaying that win on the regular wager.

After that the dealer as well as the players will receive a second card. The dealer’s card will be placed face down .  if the dealer shows an ace, insurance is offered. If the dealer has a Blackjack, players can bet and get 2-1.

The players that are dealt a Blackjack are offered even money when there is a 3-2 payout.

War Blackjack Strategy

Standard War Blackjack Hand

There is traditional Blackjack strategy in this game. It follows six or eight deck rules. There are rules for hard hands as well as soft hands. You can play War Blackjack at real money online casinos.

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