For many folks, eating is the best part of the day. Nonetheless, there are a few aspects we tend to do after a meal that we are not supposed to do. The most striking feature is that these are the things we always do after we finish eating. Rules were put in place so that things do go wrong. This is especially true for games, take for instance online casino games for real money, one rule is that we shouldn’t cheat. And if you do, you need to face the consequences. The same is true, after we finish eating, there are a few rules that we are to follow. These are the things that we shouldn’t do after eating.


unhealthy habits when eating



Usually, for most of us, after a full, we want to sleep. Because somehow we feel sleepy. However, this is one thing that we are not supposed to do. This is the meal that would not have been digested yet. So we are advised to wait at least an hour or so before taking a nap after eating.


Smoking on its own is something that is harmful to the body. However, studies state that after eating a meal, it is worse. Such that according to various scholars around the world, one smoke after a meal is equivalent to smoking 10 at once.


The majority love to eat and then bathe. In our minds it makes the food go down faster and helps with digestion. However, this is not the case. This is as bathing after a meal delays digestion. And this is because the blood around the stomach flows to other parts of the body during a bath instead of helping with the digestion process.


Fruits for dessert is something that is very common. However, after a meal, it is not advised to have fruits. This is because they digest at different speeds. Therefore, one needs to eat fruits before a meal and not after one.


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