Toxic Relationship Habits That May Seem Normal

Things that are toxic in a relationship are often small and may seem normal. You may not realise that you are in a toxic relationship because you think it is normal. Here are toxic behaviours in a relationship that you need to look out for.

toxic relationship

Toxic Relationship Signs That You Should Stop!

Fear of Rejection or Abandonment

People who can be too attached easily are in danger of getting into a toxic relationship. If a person is always thinking that his or her partner may leave them, they may try to prevent that from happening. You may find that that person will become more jealous, demanding or even clingy.  If you see this behaviour, you may want to talk to your partner or even see a therapist.

Not Expressing Your Needs But Instead Dropping Hints

There is no way, a person can know all your needs without you telling them. This is because each individual person is different and has different needs. Tell your partner the things that are important to you instead of dropping hints for then to guess what you want. your partner should not be obligated d to fulfil your needs, rather make them understand that you will appreciate efforts made to fulfil these needs. Try not to judge your partner.

Feeling Sorry For Yourself

When a person is treated in a bad way, they may lose their self-esteem. When a person has experienced this in the past, they may take a bad habit into a relationship. You may start to see that the person becomes critical of their partner so that they can feel good. This is toxic behaviour. Your partner may play a huge part in improving your self-esteem but you may play a much bigger part in increasing it.

Criticizing Your Partner

When you find yourself criticizing your partner, you are creating a toxic relationship. There are things that you may find that are not a big deal, but to your partner they are.


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