How to Tell If You are Drinking Too Much Coffee

There are so many reasons why many people drink too much coffee. Some people drink coffee simply because it is delicious while others drink it because they want a little energy. Either way, some people might end up taking too much coffee which may negatively affect them. Despite that coffee has some negative side effects, it also has some health benefits as well. You may not realize that you are taking too much caffeine because besides coffee there are also other products that are manufactured using caffeine and you might be taking those along with your daily cup of coffee. There are recommended doses that you must take depending on your age. here is how you will know if you have a caffeine overdose.

How You Can See If You Are Taking Too Much Coffee

How to Tell if You Are Taking too Much Coffee

When You Have a Stomach Upset, You are Taking Too Much Coffee

If your stomach is upset, it may be that you are taking too much coffee. Some people usually associate an upset stomach with stomach flue or something else which is not usually true. Coffee can increase stomach acid. To reduce this effect, you should take the coffee with milk or stop drinking coffee.

A Racing Heart

This is one of the most scary symptoms that a person can have. If you experience a racing heart and you drank coffee a few hours ago, then it might be the coffee. This may be due to the fact that too much caffeine may make your heart race. The solution to this problem may be to stop taking coffee if you feel like you do not want to experience those symptoms at all.

You are Irritable and Jittery than Usual

Coffee stimulates the central nervous system if it is too much in your body. The coffee goes on to bind your to the dopamine receptors in your brain. When the coffee does that, it increases you’re your mood.

You Have Diarrhea

If you take too much coffee, you may experience diarrhea. The best solution to this problem is to cut the amount of coffee that you take.




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